The 3 most Secluded Natural Areas in Texas

Texas is referred to as The Lone Star state. Texas is a very beautiful state but also contains a lot of secluded natural areas. These areas are not only beautiful to human eyes but also portray a beautiful scene for the cameras. These beautiful natural places are perfect for photography. Nature and photography has always attracted each other. It’s a perfect match, a perfect couple.

One such secluded natural place is Jacob’s Well. Jacob’s Well is a spring. It is approximately a mile in length. This spring has a diameter of about 12 feet. This spring’s depth starts from 23 feet and increases up to 138 feet approximately.  The beautiful color and surroundings of this well work as a perfect background for photography. Plus, it’s also a perfect place to capture nature in it’s flow. In Jacob’s Well, swimming is not allowed all around the year but only from May to October.

Another secluded natural area is Boca Chica Beach, which is a part of Boca Chica State Park, Texas. It is a really beautiful beach and it is open to public since 1994. The weather is very beautiful there any time of the year. This park offers swimming, birding, fishing, surfing, hiking and beautiful picnic spots. These things make it one heck of a beautiful place. Shooting photos at such beautiful place is never boring. People bring their binoculars for watching many different kinds of birds. These birds also attract wildlife photographers. Photographers also know the value of these types of places. They are always looking forward to go to places like that.

These types of areas offer the photographers to show their skills and offers them the chance to show people the real feel of these areas. Thousands of people visit the beaches every day but very few people know about the Boca Chica Beach and its beauty.

Another secluded area in Texas is San Felipe Springs. These springs are fourth largest in Texas. They expand to more than a mile. People really need to visit this place to see its beauty. These springs are really amazing. They are a marvel of nature. The color of everything around these springs is so vivid and sharp. The springs offer cool refreshing experience to everyone on a warm day. They are surrounded by Nut trees and the elevation of these springs is 961 feet. They were discovered by Captain S.G French in 1849 and stretch back to 1849 but still offer the same beauty and natural scenery.

Photographers will be right at home at this place because taking pictures here is fun as well as rewarding. On average 90 million gallons of water flow through these springs. The amount of flowing water is increasing by day according to the springs manager.

We interviewed John Fortner of Limo Service Fort Worth when he told us about a recent group of photographers that they took on an excursion. “Surprisingly, we do a fair share of rides every year out to state parks and other areas of natural beauty for DFW area companies that want their employees to have a little getaway. Recently, a local photography club booked a party bus for an 18 hour drive in to east Texas. We took them over to Caddo Lake where they spent the day capturing nature. Nice people.”

In short, there are more than 20 secluded natural areas in Texas and all of them offer great fun and memories. These memories are usually stores in camera’s eyes, which also seems to love these types of areas. You should consider going to these beautiful places as they are not over crowded neither they are expensive.